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We have now sold the online part of Country Garden but will keep the site up for information and to keep our friends up to date with what goes on here at the old Country Garden sandpile. None of the plants shown on this new site are for sale.Most of the effort now will be directed to enjoying the plants and continuing our hybridizing efforts.We are continuing to develop new hybrids and will make them available as they are tried and found to be exceptional. Our location in zone 8 allows us a ten month growing season.

Come back and visit us often. We are constantly adding more to the site.At least one new article will be added each week.In addition to that,watch the Beekeeping section if you are at all interested in bees.I will be keeping a journal there of the happenings in the bee yard.

I am a charter member of Brugmansia Growers International and while I am no longer active there I do still highly recommend them.It is a group of helpful and friendly people.There are classifieds with things for sale as well as a lot of trading and sharing among the members.I still do my registrations there.


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Jt Sessions
Cantonment, Florida 32533


NOTE....The plants on this site are not for sale
The plants shown are for information only
and many are no longer grown by us.These Brugmansias
are our hybrids that were developed over the past 12 years.
We will be adding more of these as we develop them.For us
hybridizing is the fun part of growing.As Earl Matthews said
at one of the swaps,"There is just something about seeing that
first bloom and knowing that it has only been seen by God and me".

Be sure to check out the ALL THINGS PLANTS site.I am currently moderating the Brugmansia forum there;


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