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This idea,like the yellow jacket trap,comes from one of the forums and really works.We do have small hive beetles here though not as many as some have.Between these cd traps and the yellow jacket traps,I never see more than a couple of beetles during hive manipulations and that not in every hive.

The cd trap is so simple it hardly needs a picture so one will be enough. Open the case and,using pliers,snap off the two projections marked by the arrows.This gives the beetle a place to escape from the bees.

For bait I use regular yeast mixed to a paste and placed in the circle in the center of the cd case.This helps to draw the beetles in and the bees will keep them there until they die.

Place the trap either on top of the frames or on the bottom board if you have solid bottoms.If I had a big beetle problem I would also put a trap on top of the inner cover.Expect to find a few dead beetles each time you inspect your hives.

These things really work. I use some "Beetle Blaster" traps along with these cd traps and the cd traps catch more beetles. These traps with the beetles have been in the colonies for about three months.