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Don't you just love it when something that is free also turns out to work extremely well?One such case is this yellow jacket trap which I first saw posted on one of the online forums.I have no idea who started this but a big thank you is due that person.As you can see from the accompanying picture,the trap itself is nothing more than a 2 liter drink bottle with a hole drilled for a hanger wire and a one inch hole cut further down for the trap entrance.

Yellow Jacket Trap

for bait I use a solution of;
3 cups water
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
1 pkt yeast

This is sufficient for three traps.The traps should be placed in a shady
location near the beeyard.Check it often because it will collect insects
find a lot of other insects in the traps.This list includes houseflies,gnats
and mosquitos along with some small hive beetles which are attracted to
the yeast.I have seen only a couple of honeybees in the three traps I keep out
year round.
2012 Note.I have seen very few yellow jackets this year either in the traps or hanging around the yard.I believe this is due to trapping most of the queens last fall.The traps have worked well.

2013 Still seeing almost no yellow jackets.They are no longer a problem.