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Dawna recently asked for a short piece on the history and the future plans for Country Garden.Since she also asked Brenda and Liz for articles on their nurseries,I assume she intended this to be a "Two Beauties and the Beast"presentation in the Buzz. Ann and I started Country Garden in 2000 with a few sales on Ebay.We knew at the time that we wanted to make it a regular nursery and worked in that direction.Our first intention,as with all businesses,was to make a profit but we also felt we could meet a need as a source for nice brugs at a reasonable price.At that time,there were only about four nurseries selling brugs online and both selection and customer service were awful.We obtained our first brugs from Arlene Howard,Lynn Carman,Bonnie Vaughn and Gloria Lessner.We also imported several varieties from Hodnik's in France.This was still legal until early 2001 and we made it just under the wire.We also used the commercial sources available at the time.From the first,we have concentrated on customer service in the areas of quick delivery and good packing along with a guarantee of live,healthy delivery.I will admit that we had some worries about that last one but time has proven to us that the vast majority of people are honest.We do replace a few damaged brugs,and a few from our mistakes,from time to time but these have stayed at a reasonable and acceptable level. Country Garden was set up from the beginning,not as a pretty nursery with nice plants in neat rows but rather a place where I could grow brugs quickly and efficiently.It stays a mess but an efficient mess.We sometimes get calls from people wanting to visit our "gardens". The only garden here is full of onions,garlic, turnips etc.All the brugs are kept in containers and are either in the greenhouse or under a shade structure in the summer.They are always chopped up and ragged looking as anything large enough for cuttings is taken off and rooted. So where do we go from here?Short term is easy to see.We just keep doing what we have been doing.We will be adding a few new and different plants to our sales list in 2008. Adeniums(thanks Ronna), plumerias,and hardy hibiscus to name just a few.We did try passifloras last year but gave that up when the passis tried to take over the world starting with the greenhouse.Those things need more room than we can spare.One other thing we are excited about is our upcoming Garden Blog.It should be up and running by the time you read this.You can find a link on the front page of the website as soon as we have it ready to go.The long term vision is a bit foggy.I will be sixty eight this September but I am still blessed with good health and strength.I had hoped that one of the grandchildren might be interested in taking over one day but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.Companies are not lining up to buy us out so that leaves just me.Maybe one day,a few years down the road,I'll walk out to the greenhouse and decide I've had enough.It will be time to call in the bulldozers.


As I write this addition it is October of 2013

In 2011 I decided I had had enough.I sold the online part of Country Garden to Brandon Hammett with the understanding that he would keep it up and running.That did not happen and ,in fact,I completely lost touch with him and after a few more months pulled the plug on the website.We had a good run,made a little money, and made a lot of friends along the way.I still grow a few brugs and do a bit of hybridizing.I still have a nice group of Ludger's Aureas coming along with the first one about to bloom.I am doing some hybridizing of amaryllis and adeniums alongside the brugs.Most of my time now will be devoted to my bees and to writing for the website.Thank you all who made those good years possible.

these beehives now sit where the CG main greenhouse was.