country garden brugmansia picture



Two of the first unfamiliar terms a newcomer to the Brugmansia world finds are the mysterious terms "Y" and sub equal leaf.These are just part of the jargon that long time Angel Trumpet fanciers have come up with to describe two of the indicators that a plant is about to bloom.Generally speaking,a brug must form a "Y" before it begins to flower.The exception to this is a cutting taken from the flowering region which already has buds,no matter how tiny,in the leaf axis.These will flower without forming a "Y".The sub equal leaf signals that the plant has formed a bud or buds.

Notice in the above picture the leaf I am holding in the forefront.At the junction of the stem to the leaf midrib,notice that the right side of the leaf is much shorter than the left.Hence sub equal.If this leaf was still attached you would be able to see the tiny flower bud where it joins the main stem. Now look just above the top right of the subequal leaf,and deeper into the plant,and you can see a good example of a "Y" with a couple of other "Y"s near it.Don't confuse this with a side branch.The "Y" shape is distinctive.Think of it as the shape of a child's slingshot stock.
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