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S o,why do I have this section?It may seem out of place but there are two reasons.First,I was an
adult Sunday School teacher until we moved from a large church to a much smaller church.In most
small,fundamental churches the pastor teaches the adults.So,consider me a frustrated teacher.Second,as a Christian I am
sick of the garbage I see as I surf around the "Christian" tv channels.The message from most of them
is "send me all your money and God will bless you".It's either that or,"send me all your money
and God will heal whatever ails you". While it is certainly true that God blesses us and heals some,it
is not true that he does it in response to some tv personalities pitch for your pocketbook.The other thing
that distresses me are the conflicting messages and mixed up theology we get from some of these people.One has
to wonder if they have read any of their Bible beyond the four gospels.If you are a new Christian,
arm yourself with the basics.You will need them to help you separate the chaff from the wheat.
So what can you expect here?
Short,simple,to the point articles covering the basics,written in laymans terms.These are intended to help new Christians
and non believers.If you are a long time Bible student you probably won't find much to add to your
knowledge base.If you are an unbeliever,these pages may help you to understand why Christians believe,and act,as they do.

I hope you find these pages helpful.I am not here to argue doctrine with anyone but if you have
a question please ask and I will do my best to answer or I will pass it along to someone
who can.Doctrinal arguments and questions like,"did Adam have a navel?"will get the delete button.

Read and enjoy these pages and finally, this is a personal ministry.Do not send donations.
Give your money to your local church. That is where your tithes and offerings should go.
If you have extra,then I suggest the Salvation Army. They do good work
on a very limited budget.

There is one very important thing you can do for us and that is
to add us to your prayer list.


or some time now I have been teaching again. I am posting these lessons as we finish them in our class.

All are under copyright but you may use them freely to teach or for personal use.The only restriction is that

they not be used for profit. I am putting most of these in pdf format so they

may be printed ,and used as is,or you may make whatever changes you see fit.These are intended to save time for the student and teacher.IN OTHER WORDS, PUT THESE IN YOUR WORD PROCESSOR,CHANGE WHAT YOU WISH, AND MAKE THEM YOUR OWN.


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